How to Do Body Conditioning Exercises

Body conditioning exercises target your whole body, using lots of different muscles to strengthen, shape, and tone your body. They may combine several types of exercise, such as flexibility, strength, and resistance training.

Body conditioning improves endurance, increases flexibility, and establishes a balanced, stable physique.


The Fitness Trends That Changed the world

When I was growing up, Saturday mornings were spent at the gym. My mom taught an aerobics class and I got to tag along, watching her class bounce around a dingy, fluorescently-lit room, perched on a step-bench just behind one of

The Best Conditioning Exercises You Can Do to Stay Fit in the Off-Season

You might be logging hundreds of miles a week in the saddle during warmer weather, but when the temperature drops and the amount of daylight gets shorter, it’s not as feasible to keep that up.

That doesn’t mean you’re sentenced to a season of riding your indoor trainer in the basement. The off-season is a great time to build your foundation.